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You are welcome here.

I cannot believe my last post was more than two years ago. I thought about what I would post a million times in my head, but never returned here to detail my thoughts. What a two years it has been. … Continue reading

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Another Glance

I saw my grandpa. I was at the mall with my husband and son and saw him. I had to take a second and third glance. An older, skinnier gentleman sitting across the way looked exactly like him. I about broke … Continue reading

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I can use one word to describe what life has been like since my last post. Chaos Life has been so chaotic lately. Life is always going, going, going. I’ve been meaning to write here since I’ve had a lot … Continue reading

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The Inevitable

Again tonight I cannot sleep. Not, though, because my mind is racing but because I am full of hope tonight. Today was a good day. A good day in a really long time. It felt good for once to rejoice all … Continue reading

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Downward Spiral

Again I sit here, typing this entry at the wee hours in the morning. It’s 1:29 my time. Again I cannot sleep because my mind races. Welcome to my life. Welcome to this nightmare. I feel as if my life … Continue reading

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Only in my dreams

I see him everywhere. At first when he died, I cried out for him to come to me. He never did and I felt lost, alone and angry. He appeared to others in a dream, but not me. Why? Did … Continue reading

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Ashes to Ashes

Today it hit me. My Grandpa died in the ICU 2 weeks, 5 days ago. I haven’t stepped foot into another ICU, which is very odd for me seeing that I work in a hospital. Today I had to go … Continue reading

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Blue Skies, Broken Heart

They say the first stage in coping with death is denial. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before. One day he’s here and the next, he is gone. Gone. The end. I’ve never know … Continue reading

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