Another Glance

I saw my grandpa. I was at the mall with my husband and son and saw him. I had to take a second and third glance. An older, skinnier gentleman sitting across the way looked exactly like him. I about broke down in tears. What I wouldn’t give to have another glance at him.

I’ve been obsessed lately with the song “Dance with my Father Again.” My favorite version is a little boy signing his heart out. It can be found here: Trust me, it’s good!

The lyrics are completely my heart. What I wouldn’t give to get another chance, another walk, another dance with him (although we never danced). If we did dance, I certainly would play a song that would never, ever end! What I wouldn’t give for another opportunity to see his face light up, his smile, his chuckle. I for sure knew I was loved. I never thought he’d be gone from me, forever.

Tuesday was 11 months since he slipped away from us. 11 months of agony, fear, shock, grief…the list goes on. It seems as if it only gets worse with time; Not the other way around. My heart longs for him. I long for him. I feel as if I cannot face this world without him. He was our rock. Our protector. Our dear old grandpa buck.

Next month will be the one year anniversary of his death. What I wouldn’t give for one more dance, one more moment, one more glance. I miss you.

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